My Reading Challenge for 2016

If you have been reading my 2015 book reviews (yes, sorry, still working to catch up on those), you may have noticed that I have been noting which ones meet which PopSugar Reading Challenge criteria. Soon I will begin reviewing 2015 reads that did not meet any of those criteria. So I started keeping a list of criteria they did meet, and those will form my own personal reading challenge for 2016.

I’m not quite done writing the reviews, but here are all of the categories:

  1. A book in which a character dies – Bird Box
  2. A book featuring a prisoner – The Diabolical Miss Hyde
  3. A book set in a retirement community
  4. A book set in a place I know well – A Bad Day for Pretty
  5. A book set in a capital city – Partners in Crime
  6. A book set on another planet
  7. A book with multiple POV characters – The Vintage Teacup Club
  8. A book set on an island – Partners in Crime
  9. A book featuring a country house setting – We Were Liars
  10. A book featuring a cat – The Artistic Cat
  11. A book club selection – Bird Box
  12. A book about a royal personage – The Nightingale
  13. A book featuring a mythical figure – The Secret History of Wonder Woman
  14. The first book in a series – A Darker Shade of Magic
  15. A book whose author has died – The Wit & Wisdom of Mark Twain
  16. A book published in the 21st century – Bird Box
  17. A book featuring Scotland Yard – Partners in Crime
  18. A book borrowed from the library – The Big Four
  19. A book written in the second person – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  20. A book with horse-drawn carriages – The Diabolical Miss Hyde
  21. A book with footnotes – The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
  22. A book about the end of the world as we know it – Bird Box
  23. A book with feminist themes – A Darker Shade of Magic
  24. A book featuring an amusement park – Joyland
  25. A book featuring an ancient artifact – A Darker Shade of Magic
  26. A book set in Africa – The Nightingale
  27. A book featuring a bookstore
  28. A book with a queer protagonist – Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls
  29. A fictional tale about a real person – The Diabolical Miss Hyde
  30. A book with a character who has superpowers – A Darker Shade of Magic

Please feel free to recommend titles that qualify for these challenges! You are of course welcome to join in this reading challenge, but there is no formal sign-up process. If you like, you can post your updates in the comments here.

7 thoughts on “My Reading Challenge for 2016

    • Thanks! Of course, others are welcome to join in. They can post their updates here or on their own sites.

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  2. I finally finished a book for my 2016 challenges! I’m still not done reviewing my 2015 reads, but I’m almost there.

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