In the Cards

Last week a good friend (and fellow WriMo and book geek) did a Tarot reading for me. Yes, I’m a skeptic when it comes to “psychic powers” and “reading the future.” But I’ve long thought that Tarot readings, rune castings, and such things are excellent tools for introspection and for looking at things from a new angle. Even just doing a quick casting of the Norns for myself can take my thoughts in a whole new direction, but having somebody providing completely external insights proved to be highly valuable.

In this case, Tara pulled three cards that instantly made sense. But they (and Tara’s interpretation) encouraged me in a way no simple pep talk ever could. My knowledge of the Tarot deck is still pretty sketchy, so I won’t even try to identify the cards by name, and I’m sure any attempt I might make to describe the beautifully detailed images would be lame and unhelpful. But the first card, representing my past (this spring and early summer), indicated heavy burdens and struggles. The second card, representing my present, showed a veritable storm of internal activity, and the third card indicated that giving way to a period of visible productivity in the not-too-distant future.

Well, if you’ve been following my life since, oh, say April, you know what the first card is about. Plagues, ruptures, and blindness, followed by a restrictive recovery period. Yeah, not a whole lot of writing or editing got accomplished in my summer. And I’ve been berating myself for getting so far behind on what is probably the most important project I have going. But now that I’m in good enough shape to get to work, I need to be packing for a move.

But Tara’s reading told me to quit discounting all the mental work I’ve been putting in on this novel. It may seem that I have nothing to show for it, and much of it may seem completely unrelated (Star Trek? Really, Chris??), but I think Tara’s right, that all this work I’ve been doing in my head is worth something and will pay off once I’m ensconced in my lovely new home office. This packing time? This is when all the ideas rattling around in my brain get to chat with each other, compare notes, and make up their own stories. Then all I have to do is listen and type.