Yes, I’m Still Here

And I’m still dithering about what to do with my virtual identities. I have started using the blog feature on Goodreads, and while it is limited, there are certain types of posts (the ones with lots of links to books) that it does very well. So I may just start dividing my blogging between there and here, since the here part has already been here for quite some time and it finds its way to there. At least that’s the plan for now. I may change my mind again once I decide where to plunk down my new domain. I was thinking WordPress, but now I don’t know. I may have to give up on the delusion that I am smart enough to run a decent WP site.

In the meantime, I have stuff to talk about. Like MALCon and Westercon, which I attended this past week. (Yes, at the same time. MALCon hosted Westercon. I’m not sure how exactly that came about. I have conjectures, but nothing I care to share, seeing as how I’m not in a position to actually know anything. And I’m a writer, so my conjectures can be wildly inaccurate, if entertaining.) In the past I’ve made attempts at blogging about cons, and I’ve never made it very far. Perhaps I was trying to cram too much into a summary format. And I’m sure nobody needs a play-by-play account of my con experience. So this time I’m going to try doing a series of daily-ish posts with each one focusing on some particular thing that caught my attention.

Later today I will post about some coping techniques that were mentioned in a few panels.

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