A Tagless Dialogue

No, nothing to do with last week’s con experience. This was a writing exercise at a Trai Cartwright workshop I attended last month. We were prompted to write a scene based on a cliche, and I went a bit meta….

“It’s you. Just you.”

“What’s me?”

“Everything. It all depends on you. You’re the Chosen One.”

“‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’?”

“Yeah, sure, something like that.”

“Who the fuck are you, anyway? There hasn’t been a single damn dialogue tag this whole conversation.”

“Never mind who I am. Like I said, this is all about you.”

“Well, then, who the fuck am I? Even that hasn’t been established yet. Dialogue tags, dude, dialogue tags.”

“Hey, did you just mis-gender me on purpose? I am pretty clearly not a dude.”

“Couldn’t prove it by me. This has been nothing but dialogue without a shred of narrative, let alone any character descriptions. I don’t even know if I’m a dude. For all I know, we could both be AI programs. Poorly programmed ones, at that.”

“Speak for yourself. I bet I could pass a Turing test. Can you say that?”

“I’ll say whatever the fuck I want. I’m the Chosen One, remember?”

“Wait, I thought I was the Chosen One. Whose turn is it to talk, anyway?”

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