A Day for Janus

I suppose it has been called into question that the month of January was named for the Roman god Janus, but it still feels appropriate to me to dedicate today, the first day of a new year, to closing the door on 2015 and unlocking the gates to 2016.

The past year started off, as most seem of mine seem to do, with a flurry of reading activity and an attempt to get caught up with my book reviews. I had squeaked by on my 2014 reading goal by reading lots of children’s books, so I kept to my tradition of making my 2015 reading goal one book longer. In 2015 I was able to better maintain my pace and reached my goal of 55 books several days before deadline. Which is a good thing, because the child whose bookshelf I was in the habit of raiding during every New Year’s Eve party is now 8 and reading noticeably longer books. I did fall behind again on book reviews in 2015, but I am starting in a much better place this year.

Part of what spurred me to a 105% reading goal achievement last year was the 2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge. I allowed for multiple categories per book and it seems I also interpreted some of the categories a bit differently from what was intended, so I’m scoring it on a points system. There were 52 possible points, and I scored … 27? Really? That seems awfully low. But let’s see … There were 50 categories, and I created 29 categories for my personal 2016 reading challenge … And I read 58 books in 2015 … And 58 minus 29 is 29 … So I have some checking to do. For now, I am confident that my score was 28 plus or minus 1. Still, a pretty crappy percentage. I will strive to do better on the 2016 PopSugar Reading Challenge. There are other challenges I wish to do this year, so I think I will do another post sometime this week devoted to my reading challenges.

I also participated in two summer reading challenges, one through the local library system and one through an awesome local indie bookstore. At the Old Firehouse wrap-up party, I won the “artist’s” door prize package, which included (along with some other goodies) these books:IMG_20150916_220848

This is particularly cool, not just because, hey, free stuff. You see, I was just then deciding to quit my day job to focus on literature and music, and I had recently joined a book club for writers, and the next selection was The Artist’s Way. So I had “Buy a copy of The Artist’s Way” on my to-do list for that day. Isn’t synchronicity a wonderful thing?

The day is starting to slip away, and I would like to accomplish more than just this blog post today. So here I will just hit the highlights of things I want to explore in upcoming posts in the next week or so.

Wow, see, I have enough to keep me blogging for weeks!

7 thoughts on “A Day for Janus

  1. “Which is a good thing, because the child whose bookshelf I was in the habit of raiding during every New Year’s Eve party is now 8 and reading noticeably longer books.”

    LOL, I love it.

    You have a lot of blogging to do for this week.

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself for last year’s PopSugar challenge, but look forward to seeing how yours goes this year. (Personally, I wasn’t too impressed with their list this year. Especially the last item, a book guaranteed to bring you joy. Hmm…)

  2. I never do well with reading challenges that give me categories or themes like Pop Sugar does. Luckily, there are reading challenges that specialize in my preferred categories. Stainless Steel Droppings hosts The Sci Fi Experience (currently ongoing); the Once Upon A Time Challenge in early spring (fantasy, fairy tales, folklore, and mythology); and the Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge (gothic literature, horror, suspense, mystery, crime fiction) in the fall. Seasons of Reading hosts several seasonally-themed challenges throughout the year. I usually participate in their “Spring into Horror” and “Fright-Fall” read-a-thons.

    I look forward to your upcoming posts!

    • Oh, don’t tempt me! Xxertz here has a humongous list that I’m finding hard enough to resist. When I was blogging over on Vox and frequenting the BookCrossing forums, I’d wind up doing 15 or 20 different challenges each year. It was insane. But I do need to add some challenges that will help me actually get books moving. I’ve been trying to get Brian to buy the almost-finished house on the corner so I can use it as a library, but he’s still undecided.

  3. I have sorted out the challenge tagging on Goodreads, and my 2015 PopSugar “score” was 28. I have updated my personal 2016 challenge to show 30 categories.

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