Who is Chris Pontius?

That question is more complicated than you might think.

I am neither a daredevil jackass nor a soccer player.

I am a writer. And a musician. And a firm believer in aliases.

Mostly I write mystery and/or steampunk fiction. At the more traditional end of the mystery spectrum, I write as Stina Branson. For more speculative fiction, I write as Chris L. Pontius. This blog is heavily skewed towards book-related topics, but now that I’m archiving my general-interest blog I originated on Vox long, long ago, things like travel and cooking posts will show up here with greater frequency. Quite frankly, the compartmentalizing was exhausting.

I still have other blogs, but they are very narrow in focus. Trust me, unless they are specifically what you are looking for, you won’t find them. Yes, I am asking you to trust the unreliable narrator. 😉

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