Review: Untitled

Untitled by Julie Kaewert
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Book #5 for 2017; Book #4 for the Mt TBR Challenge
Personal Challenge: A book with a key on the cover
Better World Books Prompts:
– A book set in a place you want to visit
– A book by a female writer
– A book about a historical event
GenreLand Game: Fiction
Read Harder Challenge: A book about books
Book Bingo Square: Free Space
Habitica Ultimate Reading Challenge: A book with a single-word title
PopSugar Challenge Prompts:
– A book that’s been on your TBR list for way too long
– An espionage thriller
– A book with an eccentric character
Follow the Clues Challenge: Chain 1, Clue 2

I’m giving the book two stars because I learned some interesting trivia about the book world. And, um, yeah, that’s about it. The first-person narrative voice was pretentious and grated on my nerves from the get-go, and while the premise seemed intriguing, the plot did not deliver. Which is not to say it didn’t try. Boy howdy, did it try! I rather wished it hadn’t. The result was just absurd, like Kaewert read everything by Dan Brown in one sitting while high on edibles and then decided to write a book. While still high on edibles.

Where the plot was ridiculous, the characters were dull-witted and, well, okay, they were ridiculous, too. And they couldn’t seem to decide if they were English or American. Some of this blame can be laid at the feet of the editor, if there was one. I have my doubts about that, as there was a badly mangled bit where Kaewert clearly moved some dialogue to a different scene but forgot to remove it from the original scene. The publisher also markets this as the third book in the series, insisting that their reprint of an earlier book in the series is actually a new fourth book. Whaaa?

I can’t in good conscience recommend this book to anybody. I was thinking, maybe to somebody nuts about Boccaccio, Giovanni. But no, anybody that fond of Boccaccio would find nothing new here. And if you are familiar with London’s Bryanston Square, it might interest you to know that Thomas Frognall Dibdin was appointed to the rectory at St Mary’s in Bryanston Square. But I just told you that, so you don’t need to read the book to find that out.

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