Review: Armageddon Dimes

Armageddon Dimes
Armageddon Dimes by Aaron Michael Ritchey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book #64 for 2016
PopSugar Challenge Task (part 2 of 2): A book and its prequel.

For a short prequel, this novella does an impressive job of providing glimpses of characters’ backstories as well as a new perspective on the conflicts that led up to the action in Dandelion Iron. The frame story, a series of interviews with war veteran Mariposa, goes beyond showing how badass she and her comrades were. It also shows the emotional impact the war and her later adventures ultimately had on all of them. This is a tragic tale, full of horrors of various kinds, but mostly of the spirit.

Fans of Wren Weller will be interested to know that we see an interesting side of her here, and we also get some hints about Cavatica’s role in later books. I’m looking forward to reading Killdeer Winds, but it seems there are also two other prequels I need to find: Trapdoor Boy and Four Clubs.

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