Review: A Bad Day for Pretty

A Bad Day for Pretty
A Bad Day for Pretty by Sophie Littlefield
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book #63 for 2016
PopSugar Challenge Task: A book set in your home state
Personal Challenge Task: A book set in a place I know well

C’mon, Sophie, do a fellow Missouri girl a solid and explain to me why you took roughly 1/3 of the State of Missouri and smooshed it down into one fictional county that is apparently tiny enough to require a mere 25 or so (and that’s a generous estimate) sworn deputies? Because it’s driving me absolutely bonkers! Seriously, I don’t know if I can read any more in this series, which is a damn shame, because I really like Stella and her people. I know these folks. They’re very real to me, and I like visiting them in this fashion. (The alternative is to attend my 30-year high school reunion this year, and that’s a little too real for me right now.)

I’m not sure how much of my 3-star rating is due to my continued geographical frustrations and how much is due to a feeling that this follow-up to A Bad Day for Sorry just wasn’t as good. There seemed to be a lot of little things that added up to a sense of disappointment. Like a lifelong Missouri resident with twister-based PTSD not knowing the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. How is that even possible? Goat should have known better, too.

But the mystery itself and its investigation felt weak, and Brandy’s character was almost as inconsistent as NewQuarter01 in Alif the Unseen. She also did not seem at all like any kind of love interest ever for Goat, not even a young and stupid Goat. But he supposedly fell for her as a mature adult? Not buying it.

Still, it was a fun ride as long as I turned off my internal cartographer, and Littlefield touched on some interesting issues, like the trend of elderly oxy addicts that has kind of blindsided the substance abuse treatment community. I’d like to read more in the series, but for my sanity’s sake, I just can’t make it a priority.

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