Review: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #51 for 2016

I didn’t love this book, but I did like it quite a bit. Which is pretty much how I feel about Amy Schumer herself. Some parts of the book were really interesting and insightful, some parts were pretty funny, and some parts were passionate and heartfelt. I was surprised by how much real shit (at times literally) she went into, and those were some of the best parts of the book. I also appreciated how unapologetically feminist she was, even when she was describing how naive she has been. I know where she’s coming from with a lot of that, so perhaps that’s why her experiences in that regard resonated so strongly with me.

I’m not sure how I feel about all of Amy’s family dramas. They were, well, yes, interesting. But on another level they were really quite disturbing. Still, I have to give the woman some respect for how forthright she was about it all.

Probably my least favorite thing about the book is how much she talks about smoking pot. While I do think marijuana should be legal (as legal as alcohol is, anyway), I think that more from a theoretical standpoint. From a practical standpoint, I think pot is kind of disgusting in general and feel sorry for anybody who actually needs it for medical purposes, and I think smoking anything is a filthy, nasty habit. So her constant mentions of it dampened my enthusiasm to the point that I’m wavering on that fourth star.

But then I remember my favorite thing about the book. Shcumer’s brand of feminism is what my ex-husband would refer to as “gaping vagina.” As an MRA and faux feminist ally, of course, he loved to expound at length on how it wasn’t “real” feminism. So even though I’m not a gaping vagina feminist myself, it felt like an act of rebellion just to read this and occasionally shout, “Fuck, yeah!”

So, is Amy’s story kind of trashy and unpolished? Sure. But as you might expect from the book’s title, she totally owns it, and I think she is all the stronger for it. This isn’t your typical comedy memoir, and I would say it has more unfunny moments than funny ones, but it’s still a worthwhile read. Just be prepared for her to challenge your ideas about who she is and what she is all about.

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