Review: Cat on the Hill

Cat on the Hill
Cat on the Hill by Michael Foreman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #36 for 2016
Old Firehouse Books Summer Bingo Square: A book with pictures

I received this book as a gift from another BookCrosser at a convention. It is a sweet, extremely brief story told from a cat’s perspective. The cat in question is a former ship’s cat, and he is adjusting to the life of a landlubber now that his ship and captain are both too old for the sea. The cat experiences the changing seasons, ending with Christmas, so this is a nice little Christmas book with beautiful illustrations.

The writing style is a bit odd, though. I suppose I’m glad it’s not all icky-sweet, but who uses the word “damned” in a kiddie book? Anyway, probably best to stick to sharing this with kids either not old enough to read (so you can substitute another word as you see fit) or old enough to appreciate the difference between “damned” and “darned” (or “silly” or “annoying” or whatever you may have selected as substitute text earlier).

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