Review: Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography
Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #26 for 2016
PopSugar Challenge Categories:
– A book written by a celebrity
– An autobiography
– A NYT bestseller

Yes, I read the entire thing. Including both Easter eggs and 4 pages that I have to assume were a production glitch. I double-checked, and there is nothing leading the reader to page 38, which in turn is the only page that leads to the three pages beginning on page 24. So I’m quite certain this is not just another Easter egg.

Of course, that didn’t keep me from enjoying this book immensely. I, too, loved the CYOA books when I was a kid, so I got a huge kick out of the format. The death endings were perfect parodies of those in the original books. This book also had some nice perks not found in the regular CYOAs. There’s a recipe for Pasta Bolognese that would interest me if it didn’t call for olive oil, veal, and pork. I could tinker with it, of course, but somehow, it just wouldn’t be the same. So I will have to give the adult beverage recipes a go, once I’ve saved up enough money for all that top shelf booze. Maybe I should have a party and command each guest to bring a specific ingredient. And then there is the cryptic crossword puzzle. I don’t want to mark the book up — I even used bookmarks (LOTS of bookmarks) instead of marking off the choices as I made them, which is what I did as a kid — so I will need to copy those pages and work on it at my leisure.

I did try all of the card tricks he described. And they do work, at least when I did them. We had trouble replicating one of them during book club, so I want to go back and look at that one to figure out what we were doing wrong. I don’t think the tricks were all that amazing, though. An application of pretty basic logic shows you exactly why they work. But I guess that’s true of most such tricks.

I suppose I am going to have to Netflix How I Met Your Mother now, even though I’ve been warned about the finale. Even NPH seemed to agree it wasn’t how the series ought to have ended. I don’t feel compelled to watch any Doogie Howser, though. TV in the ’80s and early ’90s was a very strange animal, one I like to keep at a distance. Every now and then I catch a rerun of a show I actually liked back then, and I cringe with embarrassment.

Really, all I knew NPH from was his Dr Horrible role, so it was great to learn more about his personal and professional background. Turns out he is an amazingly diverse performer and seems like a genuinely awesome human being. While I may have gotten more out of this book if I’d been a fan his entire career, I’m very glad I read it, and I would recommend it to anybody who has ever enjoyed his work. Especially if you like CYOAs. Just be sure you have a lot of bookmarks.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

  1. This book is on my to read list 🙂
    I loved HIMYM, even when it started to get a bit long, and then hated the finale so much, it almost ruined the whole show for me. (Just like Lost) It has great, loveable characters though, and a great sense of humour. Mostly.

    • I still haven’t watched the last half-season of Lost. I ought to do that soon, just brace myself for the horrible ending.

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