Kaló Páscha

It’s Easter Sunday, and I am in Athens. Yes, still. No, this is not what I had planned. Last night I sent a friend a photo of my leg with the message, “Next time I start planning a trip overseas, remind me this never ends well.”

I seriously need a minder. I should count myself fortunate that I fell while still in Athens, where the BookCrossing community has rallied around me, helping me navigate hospitals and pharmacies, bringing me food and medicine, ordering hotel staff around, and simply keeping me company so that I don’t somehow injure myself further. Because, left to my own devices, I probably would.

While I’ve landed at a nice comfortable hotel with friendly staff until I’m cleared to travel, it’s also the weakest Internet connection I’ve had the entire trip. I’ve also found that my Goodreads app doesn’t automagically copy my book reviews here. So don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything more from me here until I make it home.

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