Review: The Wit & Wisdom of Mark Twain

The Wit & Wisdom of Mark Twain
The Wit & Wisdom of Mark Twain by Mark Twain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #3 for 2016
PopSugar Challenge Categories:
– A book that is under 150 pages
– A book written by a comedian
Personal Challenge Category:
– A book whose author has died

I’m a Missouri girl, so I was raised on Twain. Still, I have not read as much of his work as I would have liked, so this collection was good for helping me identify which works I am most anxious to read. I think Following the Equator is probably the next one I will search for.

Though very small, this is a nice edition, ideal for keeping in a waiting room. This is also a great sampler for somebody who hasn’t read much of his work. I do think, however, that some of the quotes used are a little puzzling with the minimal context provided, and I was a little disappointed to see nothing from Is He Dead? or “The War Prayer.”

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