Review: Escaping Yesterday

Escaping Yesterday
Escaping Yesterday by Pamela Nowak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #48 for 2015

Yes, I knew this was a romance novel when I bought it. Yes, I know I am not generally fond of romance novels. But this one sounded interesting for other reasons, and it fulfilled that promise, so I’m not going to judge it harshly for being what it set out to be and not caring that I’m not a romance fan. I will say that this might be one of those stories I would probably enjoy more on the big screen, where you can watch the characters’ chemistry developing rather than read lots of repetitive passages about the characters examining their feelings and urges.

So, romance aside, what piqued my interest? Mainly the historical aspects regarding Elitch Gardens. I’m not a Colorado native, so I’m ignorant of much of the history that natives are raised on. And Denver has some really fascinating history, especially for a steampunk writer like me. This book was set in 1905, so it’s much later than the period I am obsessed with study, but I enjoyed it for its escapism values. I did wonder that Lottie, coming from Brooklyn, didn’t experience more culture shock landing so unceremoniously in Denver, but I have to remind myself that I know practically nothing about Brooklyn. I also felt that the story moved a bit slowly at times, but that may also be a standard feature of romance novels.

If you like romance novels with some interesting history woven into the story, you should give this a try. If you’re more of a history buff, you’ll have to decide how much romance narrative you’re willing to tolerate.

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