Review: The Romanov Prophecy

The Romanov Prophecy
The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Book #29 for 2015

I suppose the fact that the missing Romanov corpses showed up after this book was published does take some of the shiny off of an otherwise intriguing “missing heir to the throne” premise. It may be surprising, considering I am not a royalist of any flavor, but I rather enjoy these royalist treasure hunts, especially lost-Dauphin stories. Louis Bayard’s The Black Tower is probably my favorite of these, so that ends up being my reference point for measuring other books in the genre.

And The Romanov Prophecy falls short. It really should have been much more interesting than it was. For all of Berry’s attempts to give Lord and Akilina poignant back-stories and depth of character, they felt rather hollow to me. The villains were just plain boring. (view spoiler)

And why in the hell did Lord steadfastly trust Hayes, who was the most obvious common denominator to all of his many woes? For that matter, why did Hayes have Lord assigned to ask questions to which he clearly did not want any answers? (hide spoiler)]

I did learn quite a bit about Russian history, I will say that. But a large part of that was me Googling to see how much Berry got right in his artless info dumps. And the prophecy that Berry manufactured for this book was rather sloppily tacked onto the history. Say what you will about Dan Brown, but he’s better than Berry at integrating his fantasies into the historical facts.

I would recommend this book only to die-hard Romanov fanatics who have enough imagination to make this book interesting.

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