To Build a Tree

I got a little ambitious with the tree this year. Thirty-six tiers! I have been advised that folks want to see the process, layer by layer, so they can ogle the book titles. The structure is actually pretty stable, though I will admit that it is not as aesthetically pleasing when viewed from the opposite side. Feel free to comment and ask questions! Is there anything here you’ve been wanting to read?

This is where I left off yesterday evening. Yes, my Owl and Kewpie friends, that is an ’86 Noctua and an ’86 Cresset you see.

Ta-da! I’ve strung my lonely little strand of lights, so now I just need to hunt up the star and get the presents under it, and I can show off the final result!


3 thoughts on “To Build a Tree

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to dismantling the tree so I can read that second trilogy. I suspect I’d already promised them to another BookCrosser when I packed them for a move. I’m so happy they’ve re-surfaced!

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