Review: Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday

Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday
Aunt Dimity Takes a Holiday by Nancy Atherton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book #22 for 2015

Shortly before reading this book, I had the lovely experience of meeting Nancy Atherton and learning more about the origins of Aunt Dimity, her people, and her world. Atherton explained that it’s all wish fulfillment for her, and that makes tons of sense. It also makes the books easier for me to enjoy, knowing that nothing about them is supposed to be seriously realistic. They’re just great fun.

With this installment, I was pleased to see Lori getting her libido in check and showing her Bill some long-overdue appreciation. The plot seemed to be going around in circles at times, and it was all a little far-fetched, as usual, but even though this isn’t my favorite in the series, it was still well worth the read. I would probably recommend this one only to people who are already emotionally invested in the series. Anyway, it was nice to start getting back on track and I look forward to getting completely caught up.

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