Review: A Dish Taken Cold

A Dish Taken Cold
A Dish Taken Cold by Anne Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book #11 for 2015

This very short novella was an interesting glimpse into life in Paris as the Terror was gathering steam. I liked the perspective of a lower member of a once-noble and now ostensibly Revolutionary household. I also liked the quotidien details, though I must shamefacedly admit that I couldn’t tell you how accurate they were or weren’t.

I found this a worthwhile read, but story-wise I felt that the setup was too transparent and robbed the reader of any real suspense. The only real question was just how tragically everything would be fucked up at the end. (view spoiler)

Minor quibble: The address of “citizeness” annoyed me. Yes, I know that is the correct translation of “citoyenne,” but it is clunky and inelegant and made me wrinkle my nose every time I read it.

I don’t think I’ve read anything else by Anne Perry, but this made me curious to see what her novels are like. If you are a fan of her novels, you might want to read this to see how her shorter works compare. I would also recommend this to anybody with an interest in this era in France.

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