Review: Encyclopedia Brown Carries On

Encyclopedia Brown Carries On
Encyclopedia Brown Carries On by Donald J. Sobol
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Book #43 for 2014

By the time this collection was issued in 1980, I had already moved on to Agatha Christie, so this was not part of my childhood reading experience. I did have fun reminiscing as I read these stories, though. There was just something magical about the whole youngster subculture of Idaville, and I always found it very appealing. (Of course, I wanted to be Sally Kimball.) In retrospect, I think we did have something a little bit like that in Marshall when I was a kid, but not on nearly the same level. Sadly, I doubt whether such a thing would be even remotely possible in today’s society. Would a modern child even be able to relate to it?

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