How I Spent My Mile Hi Con: Friday

Last weekend I attended Mile Hi Con 45 in (as you may have guessed) Denver. This is the fourth time I have attended this con, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you like sf/fantasy cons with an emphasis on literature. As many of you know, I come from a mystery background, but I’m really enjoying all of the cross-genre stuff that’s out there these days, and I love exploring what mystery and steampunk can do for each other.

I’ve been fighting fatigue a lot lately, so I didn’t do much Friday night. I made a quick sashay through the dealers’ room and the art show (where I later spent an insane amount of money on books, tea, jewelry, and art). I went to the opening ceremonies but was a little too far from the stage (I have this thing about sitting right next to an exit if at all possible) to follow the hilarity. I gather it was mostly visual. But I did enjoy the music of Matthew “The Kilted Man” Gurnsey and determined that I desperately need a bowed psaltery. (We chatted later, and he recommended Unicorn Strings.)

Then I spent $5 for the MHC Meet/Munch/Mingle (MMMM) and spent most of my munch-time listening to Ian Price, a game designer from Illinois who apparently likes foxes. I’m sorry I missed out on his “Kitsune: Of Foxes & Fools” Kickstarter, but I ordered a prototype copy, which should be available in the next month or so. He also had a party game he was play-testing in the Con Suite Saturday, and it looks interesting.

The highlight of Friday night was easily the Return of Carrie and the Midnight Hour. Carrie Vaughn was joined by GoHs Seanan McGuire and Catherynne Valente, and much hilarity ensued as they (and the studio audience) explored the topics of dinosaur erotica, bizarrely dangerous love polygons (only some of which involved dinosaurs), and what happens to a werewolf on the moon. 

There was still time for Writers’ Networking in the Bar, but I was too tired to play the extrovert. So apart from a quick chat with Dave Boop, I was quite content to have a late, leisurely, and quiet dinner with my boyfriend. (Good soup!)

So, that was my Friday at MHC. Stay tuned for Saturday and Sunday!



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