Plan B

Plan B really isn’t that much different from Plan A. There are a few cosmetic differences up to this point (for example, Mile Hi Con didn’t have any language creation panels this year), and I actually stepped completely back from my manuscript in December instead of plowing ahead with edits. I did this for two reasons. One, my creative process during NaNo seems to be radically different from everybody else’s, and I wanted to pick that apart a bit and see what works and what doesn’t work and how I might want to change it. Two, I’m doing Jano with Sleuths’ Ink, during which I will try to implement a significant change in my creative process and see what happens.

I’ll post more about Jano later, but it’s sort of like NaNoWriMo, but with an extra day. It’s still the first day of January as I write this, so if you hurry, maybe you can catch up and join in. Like NaNo, it doesn’t cost anything to participate. For my Jano, I am essentially doing a complete re-write of the novel I wrote for NaNo. NaNo was, for me, a hugely messy, stream-of-consciousness brain dump. There was no way to edit it, at least not using the word “edit” the way anybody else does. November was extremely productive and inspired much creativity and got me to produce about 60,000 words that will eventually be shaped into something recognizable as a novel. But what I have currently is not something I could give to anybody for a critique. So my goal for Jano is not quite so much focused on the word count, rather on taking my NaNo product and re-writing it in a more coherent, linear fashion. Jano is a good venue for this because it will force me to focus on writing every day the same way NaNo did. Well, the way ML Jewels did, I should say.

So, the unveiling of Plan B:

Today: Catch up on reading Jano emails and get started on the actual re-write.

Daily in January: Add to my Jano word count.

Early February: Prep the Jano product for critique and seek out volunteers.

Mid February: Send the critique draft out for brutal attack.

March: Edit new draft based on critique feedback. Also, attend relevant panels at AnomalyCon and Left Coast Crime.

April: Contest-focused edits of the first 50 pages.

May: Contest submission! And I think this calls for opening that bottle of Chambourcin I picked up at Les Bourgeois when I was out that way for research.


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